Section 13 – Special rules on procedures of certain organisations relating to international relations

(1) This section applies to the internal procedures of the following agencies to the extent that those procedures relate to the disclosure of information (other than classified information) concerning the international relations of the Government of New Zealand:
(a) the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet; and
(b) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade; and
(c) the Ministry of Defence; and
(d) the New Zealand Defence Force.
(2) The internal procedures must—
(a) state that the only appropriate authority to whom information may be disclosed is an Ombudsman; and
(b) invite any employee who has disclosed, or is considering the disclosure of, information under this Act to seek information and guidance from an Ombudsman; and
(c) state that no disclosure may be made to a Minister of the Crown other than—
(i) the Prime Minister; or
(ii) the Minister responsible for foreign affairs and trade.