Section 15E – Miscellaneous provisions relating to Ombudsmen

(1) The functions and powers of Ombudsmen under the Ombudsmen Act 1975, including the function of each Ombudsman to make an investigation into a matter of his or her own motion under section 13(3) of that Act, are not limited by this Act.
(2) The Ombudsmen have the same powers in relation to investigating a disclosure of information made under this Act as Ombudsmen have in relation to a complaint under the Ombudsmen Act 1975, but are not bound to investigate the disclosure of information.
(3) Sections 19, 20, and 30 of the Ombudsmen Act 1975 apply, with all necessary modifications, for the purpose of allowing an Ombudsman to obtain information, documents, papers, or things that would in his or her opinion assist him or her to act under section 6C, 15B, or 15C in relation to a public sector organisation.


This section deals in detail, the general powers and functions of an Ombudsman pursuant to the Ombudsmens Act 1975.