Section 19A – Protections extend to volunteers of supporting information

(1) The protections conferred by sections 17 to 19 apply, with all necessary modifications, to a person who volunteers supporting information as if the information were a protected disclosure of information.
(2) In this section, a person volunteers supporting information if the person—
(a) provides information, in support of a protected disclosure of information made by another person, to—
(i) a person investigating the disclosure; or
(ii) the person who made the disclosure; and
(b) is an employee of the organisation in respect of which the disclosure was made; and
(c) wishes to provide the supporting information so that the serious wrongdoing can be investigated.
(3) However, a person does not volunteer supporting information if the person provides the supporting information only after being—
(a) required to do so under any enactment, rule of law, or contract for the purposes of he investigation; or
(b) approached during the course of the investigation by, or on behalf of, the person investigating the matter