Section 3 – Interpretation

What workplaces are captured by the legislation.  The term ‘organisation’ is referred to in much of the legislation.

Section 3 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2000 – which is the Interpretation part of the Act states:

Organisation means a body of persons, whether corporate or unincorporated, and whether in the public sector or in the private sector: and includes a body of persons comprising 1 employer and 1 or more employees.

The public sector organisation is defined as:

  • An organisation named or specified in schedule 1 of the Ombudsmen Act 1975
  • An organisation named in schedule 1 of the Official Information Act 1982
  • A local authority or public body named or specified in schedule 1 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987
  • The office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
  • The Parliamentary Service
  • An intelligence and Security Agency
  • A council-controlled organisation within the meaning of section 6 of the Local Government Act 2002