Section 6A – Technical failure to comply with or refer to Act

(1) A disclosure of information is not prevented from being a protected disclosure
of information for the purposes of this Act merely because—
(a) of a technical failure to comply with sections 7 to 10 if the employee has
substantially complied with the requirement in section 6 to disclose the
information in accordance with this Act; or
(b) the employee does not expressly refer to the name of this Act when the
disclosure is made.
Person A is an employee of Organisation B.
B’s internal procedures for receiving and dealing with information about serious
wrongdoing require the information to be provided to B’s Human Resources Manager
using a particular form.
Person A provides the information using the form to B’s chief executive rather than
the Human Resources Manager. Person A otherwise substantially complies with
the Act.
The failure to comply is merely technical. Under this section, the disclosure is still a
protected disclosure for the purposes of this Act.

(2) This section applies despite anything to the contrary expressed or implied in
the relevant internal procedures.