How we can help

When faced with a problem requiring Whistleblowing expertise, Incident Response Solutions helps turn your uncertainties into positive outcomes.

We help you uplift your capability, reduce your risk and immediately respond to Whistleblower events.

The core of our business is to provide the confidence you require to prepare for and respond to Whistleblowing events, to a Forensic standard, i.e. the highest level of proof.  We strive to make you look good, even in times of crisis.

Our senior team has many years of proven experience. Our wider network consists of mainly ex law enforcement experts, who combine to provide a large pool of support to your Whistleblowers in their time of need.

Our Senior Team

Bryan McKenzie

Bryan is a highly experienced investigator. He was formally a Detective Sergeant of the Criminal Investigation Branch of the New Zealand Police based in Auckland.

Bryan specialised in major Crime Investigations, Criminal Intelligence, Police Prosecution Section and allied police activities. He also dealt with a large number of confidential informants supplying information to Police about Serious Wrongdoing.

Bryan was recruited by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing in 1978 as an Inspector/Investigator where he remained until his retirement in 2011. During that time Bryan was involved in the majority of all serious racing investigations. Some of that work was challenged through the New Zealand Civil Court System by way of judicial review.

Campbell McKenzie

Campbell McKenzie is a forensic expert and cyber security consultant.

In January 2019, he founded Incident Response Solutions, a speciality forensic and cyber security business.

Campbell was previously a Director at PwC New Zealand (12 years) where he led the national “forensic technology” practice, led the Auckland “cyber security” practice and also provided Whistleblowing Services.

Prior to PwC, Campbell was a founding member of the NZ Police Electronic Crime Laboratory (4.5 years).